Travel with Confidence

Travel with Confidence

Guest welfare and comfort is our first priority. 

With this in mind, we are pleased to share our comprehensive Covid-19 response. 

Our response is informed by WHO guidelines, national directives, and good practice standards.

Hostel Brikette’s COVID-19 Response, Welfare and Cleaning

Increased the number of private rooms, providing alternative booking options.

Decreased the number of beds used in dorm rooms.

At each departure, the room and the bathroom are completely sanitised and aired for at least 60 minutes.

Every room includes air conditioning, which are subject to regular sanification and maintenance.

Staff seek to maintain two metres distances at all times.

Common areas follow social distancing guidelines at all times.

Bedrooms have five Critical Cleaning Touch Points - remote controls, handles, switches, and high contact furniture.

All team members have access to COVID-19 testing.

All furniture in common areas are disinfected twice a day.

Dedicated disinfection stations, placed in high-traffic areas.

Dedicated rubbish bins for disposal of used protective equipment.

Our suppliers and partners have adopted new protocols and guidelines.

Congestion minimised on arrival or departure.

Staff are issued with protective equipment.

Common areas are closed for deep cleaning each night